We are situated between Saldanha bay and Vredenburg on a tranquil West Coast farm.  Our passion is to provide a safe emotional harbour for ladies who have experienced trauma.  We're talking about women who has survived a hi-jacking, serious car accident, loss of a spouse or child, attempted suicide and abuse of all kinds.

A place of introspection, unlearning of negative beliefs and learning new healthy, positive beliefs.  Come and experience West Coast hospitality, spiritual mentoring and excellent emotional health workshops.

This approach have been proved and proven in our 11 years of existence.  You can choose the length of your stay and together we'll work out a healing plan to suit your needs.

Lectures and workshops are integrated, as is an allocated set of chores for the day. 

We also love to accommodate single women who just want to break away for a couple of days into a peaceful environment and at an affordable rate.  

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We are proud of our work.

Biblical Grace is the platform from which we operate.

We would love to hear from you.