Restore by Training

We are situated between Saldanha bay and Vredenburg on an active West Coast farm.  

We are a Ladies only facility and it is our passion to provide a safe emotional harbour for ladies with addiction problems. A place of introspection, unlearning of negative belief systems and learning new healthy, positive beliefs.

During rehabilitation, when a woman is emotionally fragile, it is in her best interests to NOT have to deal with the added burden of meeting new men who suffer from the same problem. This approach have been proved and proven in our 10 year's existence.

We present a normal, productive working day to our Students. Lectures and workshops are integrated, as is an allocated set of chores for the day. Self-worth, responsibility and accountability are found when one actively seeks to live a productive life.


We are proud of our work.

Teaching Responsibility and Accountability forms the basis of what we do.

Biblical Grace is the platform from which we operate.

We would love to hear from you.